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Liquid Chalk Carabiner Bottle 45ML

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    • Liquid Grip Enhancing the Climbing Experience | Liquid chalk and climbing is something that of course goes hand in hand. One of the main reasons as to why this cutting edge version of chalk works perfectly for climbers is due to the fact that its longevity is simply unbeatable. It has a duration of up to 90 minutes. It is during this window after being applied that it will be the most effective.
    • Weightlifting And The Advantages Of Liquid Grip | Many weightlifters are choosing liquid grip over chalk is because of the fact that when you start sweating, this product starts to work better. So of course for a weightlifter, this is going to be perfect as they often end up sweating during the activity of lifting weights.
    • Liquid Grip Improves Performance For Bodybuilders | Bodybuilders across the world have found that using this liquid grip instead of various other forms of chalk has proved to be more favourable. One of the heftiest reasons for this includes the fact that once you apply this liquid grip to your hands and rub it in, you will not have to reapply it for up to another 90 minutes.
    • Liquid Grip Enhances CrossFit | Liquid Grip will enhance your CrossFit experience whether you are a beginner or the most experienced firebreather in your gym. Your gym and fellow CrossFitters will appreciate the reduction in mess, and your body will appreciate the higher quality workouts you will be able to achieve.
    • Liquid Grip Is Perfect For Golfing | Whether you play golf to relax or to compete, you want your hands to be comfortable and your grip secure so you can be confident with every swing. Liquid Grip can help accomplish this by enhancing your hold on the club through a water-based mixture of magnesium carbonate, alcohol, and thickener.
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