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Ironmaster 120 Lb Add-On-Kit

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  • Quick-Lock Dumbbell - 120 lb Add on Kit includes the following:

    • 4 each 22.5 lb plates
    • 4 each long locking screws

    Promotes Progression

    Hardcore weightlifters, be prepared to meet your match! If you want to push your arm strength to its limit, take that leap of weight from 75lbs all the way to 120lbs on each dumbbell by adding 22.5 lb compact plates on each side of the handle.

    1. 60% increase. This add-on kit increases your load by a whopping 60 percent.
    2. Adjustability. You don't have to go up to 120lbs right away; you can mix and match your add-on plates with the original weights according to your capacity for gradual progress and so as not to shock your system.
    3. Compact design. Our dumbbells and add-on plates pack weight, not bulk. They do not limit your range of motion so you can get the most out of your workout.

    Safe, Speedy and User-Friendly

    Adjusting the weights on our dumbbells is easy and completely fool-proof. All our weight plates-including the ones in this add-on kit- won't fall off once you have locked them in place with the locking screws. Experience safety, comfort and convenience even as you challenge your body's breaking point.

    1. Strong and secure screws. The locking screws will not loosen while you are doing your workout with our patented Quick-Lock design.
    2. Quick screw-in and screw-out. Remove the screws with just a quarter to 3/4 turn so you can add or subtract plates and tightly screw them on in under 30 seconds.
    3. Interlocking plates. All our weight plates are hand-machined and designed to interlock so they don't automatically disengage when you take off the screws.
    4. Flat screw heads. The wide and flat surface of the screw heads hold the plates securely in place and won't hurt when you rest the dumbbells on your legs.
    5. Square weight plates. Likewise, our signature square-shaped plates allow you to rest them on your thighs comfortably in preparation for hoisting them up to lift position.

    Contents and Product Inclusions

    This Add-on Kit augments our already-powerful Quick-Lock adjustable dumbbell system with longer locking screws and heavy-duty weight plates that might even outlast your generation. They install quickly and conveniently so you can begin lifting in no time. It comes with:

    1. Four (4) each 22.5 lb weight plates that are precision cast and hand machined
    2. Four (4) each longer locking screws to accommodate load expansion
    3. Lifetime warranty for the original owner, for private use


    You can put the "big" plates on the handles first (recommended) then you add or subtract the smaller plates to make smaller weight changes up and down. Very simple to use and works just like the standard plates and locking screws. The longer locking screws allow dumbbell sizes of 70-120lbs. The standard Quick-Lock dumbbell stand (sold separately or with the 75 lb set) will hold the full 120 lb dumbbells. Even with this serious amount of weight, the dumbbells are still compact. The dumbbells are just 19" long overall at the full 120 lbs.

    The QLDB Stand will hold the pair of 120's and has storage on the lower shelf to hold the kit when not in use.

    There is an option to build this kit with all 5 lb plates (18) instead of the four 22.5 lb plates. If you are interested in ordering this way, please contact our sales office.

    Note: This is only an Add-on Kit. This requires the Ironmaster Quick-Lock Adjustable Dumbbell Handle Set or Dumbbell Handles from the Quick-Lock Adjustable Dumbbell 75 lb or 45 lb Sets to attach to. The image of the full set on the stand is for illustration purposes only.

    Quick-Lock Dumbbell Add on Kit Instruction Manual

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